Amazing Facts about Miz Pinky

Miz Pinky reals name is Ariele (Just like ''The Little Mermaid " )

Miz Pinky loves to see children smile

Miz Pinky has 3 amazingly handsome boys

Miz Pinky is from New York

Miz Pinky lovesssss styling kids not Adults

Miz Pinky is always transforming her Kids Club to encourage the kids to Believe 

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Who is this fabulous  Natural Hair Expert for Kids ?

Miz Pinky is the amazing fairy God Mother of hair . "She has magical fingers "

says many tender headed kids!

She also has the answer to all the parents hair care problems.

Miz Pinky has created Natural products to use while styling all of her royal members . Pinkys Kids products are kid tested and scalp approved. Parents love and trust her 15 yrs experience of investment into the Natural Hair Industry learning and designing . She absoultey loves all textures of hair and the great growth she helps create through her magical product line .Kids also say "She sprinkles pixie dust on the hair and then it grows like Repunzul.

 Healthy hair is her passion. Miz pinky mentors all of her members in the chair about Confidence and being great !